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     CrowdRating.io is a rating community for businesses interested in gaining investment. CrowdRating.io helps investors make informed decisions about who they choose to back. We offer enterprise analysis & enterprise risk quantification. We help businesses to get investments.

For business people


CrowdRating.io is about business intelligence. If your goal is to expand, grow your company, to seed money, to start a project: it's better for you to be rated first. We offer animation video productions, investor pitch deck and business plan creations, whitepapers, roadmaps for Startups, SMEs. A quality presentation will help your company to rate higher. Double check your content! Seek advice. Contact us if you are interested. Third parties' works are also accepted. Double check you ! 1) Get advice. 2) Get Feedback. 3) Perfect your project. 4) Gain visibility. 5) Find partners or investors.

For investors


We offer investors independent insight into opportunities. CrowdRating.io provides much-needed security to the funding SMEs & Startups with ratings (CrowdRating.io Simple + CrowdRating.io Plus) covering the investment profitability, cashflow, returns), the team (skills, experience, commitment), the product (product, market, competition). Two types of evaluation have been developed: CrowdRating.io Simple: Offering intuition and guidance to the project, while CrowdRating.io Plus targets the project with 20 questions and provides a detailed analysis. 1) Discover good ideas. 2) Help young companies take off. 3) Get the best information. 4) Refine your opinion by comparing it with the community. 5) Become an Approved Expert.

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CrowdRating.io Board of Directors

    Jonathan Despres

Founder & Chief Executive Officer.


Eric Whitehead

Legal Advisor.


Dino Dogan

Business Advisor, I build, sell, and acquire companies.


Jerry Frazee



James Derry

Legal and business consultant.